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Summer tips

If you do burn, Apply aloe vera or lotions containing it. this will cool and soothe  your skin and help you heal faster. A personal trick is to apply  cream containing zinc to my face at night. this is an effective way of healing my burn by the morning.

his beauty academy of beauty, hair and health and offer course in beauty, hair and health. the students receives special lectures and notes. this beauty academy consciously maintains an optimum students- teacher ratio.

Bridal (Make-Up)

This is your special day using a specialist make up artist, ensures your entire, bridal party is in excellent hands. make lesson are also available for brides. you would like to experience the fun in learning how to apply  your own make-up.


The skin is indicator of overall health and fitness. facials works magic on your face. Regular facial improve the overall texture and complexion of the skin giving it a healthy glow. All facials cleans, exfoliate, and stimulate the skin. we use products specially made from fruits, vegetables extracts and herbs.

Skin Treatment

There are facility available all types of skin problems: Acne, blemishes, wrinkles, aging skin, pigmentation, falling hair dandruff etc.


Visit here for A how to complete guide for your healthy hair because hair is important for you, it is a part of your body, and, as you needs special treatment accordingly with its needs.
Services : - cutting, styling, colouring, high lighting etc.


the art of mehandi has existed for culture. Heena is used for hair dye as a skin conditioner. The art of Mehandi is referred to as heena or mehendi depending on mehendi designs have traditionally fallen into different style mehendi. Bridle Mehendi, Kali Mehendi, Sparkles Mehendi, Invative Mehendi with nails art etc.

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