Sahit Sabha, Bagha Purana

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Mehak Maalwa Released by Narain Singh Magera

Mehak Maalwa by Narain Singh Magera is relased in last days. This book has been approved by all Govt & Non-Govt. Colleges libraries. All Songs of this book are very artisitic and famil Songs.

Narain Singh Magera is Senior Vice President of Sahit Sabha Bagha Purana and they are also preparing for there next Song Book release. There contact number is (91) 98151-42547

Management Panel

Management Panel of Sahit Sabha Bagha Purana includes:
Jagjit Singh Bawra, Sudagar Brar Lande, Jasver Bhluria, Dr. Narain Singh Magera, Balwant Singh Ghania, Amarjit Singh Brar Rajiana, Beat Gill, Kamred Sapooran Singh Pravana, Suminder Singh Sidhu, Ashok Chattaini( Ast. Dist. Planning Officer), Gurjant Kalsi, Pammi Habeeb, Beat Brar, Kirandeep Kaur Dalluwala, Amarjeet Singh Ranian, Surjit Gill Manuke, Malkit Brar Alamwala, Sateesh Dhawan, Raghber Singh Langiana, Gurmej Geja, Parminder kaur Preet

Supporting Firms

Surjit Brar (President Thinkers forum), Chanan Singh Vattu (President Trade Union Counsel), Malkit Singh Brar (Multi Counseller, Calgary, Alberta), Sarvan Singh Klauta (Dist General Sec Pensioner Association), Kamred tej Singh Channu Wala(Ex Sarpanch), Mukand Kamal, Harmander Kuhar Wala, Darshan Kotla, Rajinder Kukku, Master Surinder Singh, Som Datt Rangila Raunta.

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